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 on: Yesterday at 04:55:00 PM 
Started by W7NGA - Last post by PA0NVD
Love your contribution...Well said

 on: Yesterday at 04:40:58 PM 
Started by W7NGA - Last post by W7NGA
I am not impolite and I don't necessarily desire to make friends (or enemies). What I do want to do is exercise my rights to broadcast an AM signal on twenty meters. I know that I can do so, legally, from 14.150 thru 14.350 (plus/minus modulation). There are several recommendations that I target (.286,.330) out of consideration for the wide nature of an AM signal and a general watering-hole consensus.

I do find it annoying and frustrating to be continually admonished and told my Ancient-Modulation should be banished and marched to the back of the bus.

Now get off my lawn  Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 04:22:58 PM 
Started by W7NGA - Last post by KB2WIG

Tell them to check the FCC regs and ask them where the band plan is.... then tell 'em that is the calling freq ........

I make friends.


 on: Yesterday at 03:47:47 PM 
Started by W7NGA - Last post by W7NGA
I listened for 15 minutes, asked twice if the frequency was in use, called CQ on 14.330 Mhz Ö only to get blasted by two stations complaining that AM signals should NOT be so far up the band and why the heck didn't I consult the 'Band Plan' to see the error of my ways.
Sigh Ö sometimes you just can't win.  Huh

 on: Yesterday at 03:02:22 PM 
Started by N4LTA - Last post by ka1tdq
The truth is out there!


I've said this before, but my first class E rig was very simple. I built a 40 meter single FET version and drove it with a Chinese DDS VFO that I bought from eBay. My transmitters are greatly simplified from the website listed above, but they work. The framework for a simple rig is shown under the "Output Circuit Values & MOSFET Ratings" tab.

Also, you can't just turn these rigs on after you build them. I had to experiment a lot to understand how they tune and operate. Once you get the feel for it though, it's like riding a bicycle.


 on: Yesterday at 02:36:05 PM 
Started by ns7h - Last post by WA2SQQ
This "disease" effected the 40m input coil on my HQ-180. Just a general lack of signal led me to tracing where I was loosing it. Fortunately I had a carcass of another 180 in the garage and was able to swap out the coil and restore operation pretty easily.

 on: Yesterday at 02:29:47 PM 
Started by N4LTA - Last post by N4LTA
I am looking to build a small 100 watt (carrier ) class E rig for 80 meters  - also may want to go up to 40 meters after I get this one working.

Can anyone point me to a typical circuit?

Thanks in advance

 on: Yesterday at 12:30:42 PM 
Started by W5UF - Last post by W5UF
Collected over the years. Two were used in my 813 HB linear. The rest were purchased probably from EBay. Of course the seller said they were good  Wink. But I will accept any returns for credit within a week so you can test them. I believe they are good since Iíve held them for the past 10-20 years. $90 plus shipping.

 on: Yesterday at 12:13:51 PM 
Started by Carl WA1KPD - Last post by W1AEX
Hi Carl,

I just went through this and for my latest version of a sash - threshold project I switched from wood and used vinyl trim materials. I have had no problems feeding full legal limit through the OWL insulators. On the inside, I use banana jacks and plugs to allow quick disconnecting during the summer when the lightning is inbound. The OWL feedline comes down from the center of the dipole and goes to a balanced line lightning arrestor mounted on a 10 foot steel pole (with multiple ground rods and bonding to the electrical neutral) that bleeds off static through resistors and also has gas discharge cartridges to ground as well. It has been durable and with some decent hardware store foam to seal up the seams no bugs get through during the summer and very little wind breezes through in the winter.

I got a C+ in wood shop in high school so no doubt you can make it much prettier!



 on: Yesterday at 11:46:42 AM 
Started by W5UF - Last post by W5UF
A collection  of miscellaneous parts from a junked receiver. WYSIWYG. $15 plus shipping.

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