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 on: Yesterday at 11:01:05 PM 
Started by ka1tdq - Last post by ka1tdq
I don't have anything done on the inside yet, but this is how it'll look.

I'm just waiting on the heat sink to arrive and to order the transformer.


 on: Yesterday at 10:35:08 PM 
Started by N4LTA - Last post by N4LTA
I got the drivers, the bypass caps and the four MOSFET mounted tonight. Anyone see anything wrong that jumps out?

The drivers are tedious to mount but they all seem to be installed without shorts as tested with a ohmeter.



 on: Yesterday at 10:02:37 PM 
Started by W3GMS - Last post by ka1tdq
"Y'know, I seen me a mermaid once. I even seen me a shark eat an octopus. But I ain't never seen no phantom Russian submarine." - Watson


 on: Yesterday at 05:43:37 PM 
Started by Joe Connor - Last post by Joe Connor
I have a couple of questions on the cosmetic restoration of a beat-up R-388.

    1. What's a safe and effective way to clean the drum dial? This radio was apparently used in a heavy smoking environment. The lettering is crisp but I'd like to clean the drum. I'm gun-shy because one of my early "Oh sh*t" moments in radio occurred 30 years ago when I used Fantastik on the dial of a Philco tombstone and watched the numbers disappear before my very eyes.

    2. All the IERC tube shields are missing. How important are they? Does anyone know a source for them? Fair Radio has them, but a complete set will cost more than I paid for the receiver itself. Is there any acceptable substitute?

    3. Does anyone know the thread of the screws used to hold bottom cover onto the receiver? The prior owner frig-rigged this one.

    As always, thank you for your help and guidance.

                                Joe Connor

 on: Yesterday at 03:16:02 PM 
Started by WA2SQQ - Last post by KD1SH
   "Now we just need someone to create some tube models for it..."

   I spoke too soon; it does have tube models!  A total of 457 in fact: 140 pentodes, 266 triodes, 22 tetrodes, and 29 diodes.  No 813's or 4-400's, but anyone with Spice skills should be able to massage any of those models into whatever they want.

 on: Yesterday at 02:42:03 PM 
Started by Opcom - Last post by K6JEK
Plating relays and contractors with Cool Amp really helps with any residual resistance build up.

It also helps with lowering contact resistance to very low levels.

Plate liberally.

Cool-Amp? How is it I've lived as long as I have and never heard of this stuff. Is this the right product: https://www.cool-amp.com/conducto-lube

 on: Yesterday at 01:38:11 PM 
Started by K1ZJH - Last post by K1ZJH
Decided to part with my spare  BW 5100.   Getting too old to deal with heavy boatachors in storage. Would like to trade for a nice NC-303; might consider a NC-300.  Needs  to be picked up in North Central CT...  My contact info is on my QRZ page.  Pete  W1BR ex k1zjh  radioconnection (at) gmail (dot) com

 on: Yesterday at 12:29:37 PM 
Started by N4LTA - Last post by N4LTA
Made some progress this weekend on my Class D system. I completed the low voltage poeer supply, a second PWM generator and a large capacitor board for the main power supply.

The cap board has 14000uF at 250 volts worth of filtering. I plan on regulating the output at 150 volts.

Here are a few pictures:

The PWM board based on Steve's circuit

The low voltage power supply board and power transformer. Toroidal power with regulated +12, -12 and +5 volt output plus raw +20 and -20 volts

Test board for four SiC  MosFETS

 on: Yesterday at 11:53:20 AM 
Started by AJ1G - Last post by AJ1G
Just finished installing an IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF mobile transceiver in the Tacoma and getting a feel for operating it, lots of menu and touchscreen stuff involved.

Hard copy manual is not clear re setting up for AM operation (essentially nothing).  Seems like it defaults to about an indicated 25-30% carrier level when set at 100% output in CW/SSB (a good feature), and Iíve adjusted the mix gain to just tickle the steady state carrier level on voice peaks.  Next step wil be to getting it going in  the shack so I listen to it and look at it on an o-scope.

Wondering if anyone on here has any experience with the 7100?

Chris AJ1G Stonington CT

 on: Yesterday at 10:45:38 AM 
Started by W3GMS - Last post by W3GMS
The performance is definitely a blend of both hardware and software performance Joe. Wonderful hardware with lousy software will disappoint the user and lousy hardware with wonderful software will do the same. It's the most fun for me when my SDR hardware can run multiple software packages, which the RSP and ANAN platforms do very nicely. The implementation of the DSP by the software programmers and the algorithms embedded in the RX chain are the big factors that affect the ADC and DAC conversions so he may find some big differences in the performance of the Airspy depending on what software is used. Should be interesting to see what he comes up with.



Thanks very much Rob.  This is my first dive into the SDR world, so it should be fun!


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