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 on: Yesterday at 02:44:35 PM 
Started by N3YUG - Last post by N1BCG
Your REA mod monitor will indicate if your negative peaks are greater than your positive peaks. If that's the case, you can fabricate a simple phase reversing adapter using two XLR connectors connected together by a short, shielded pair cable. Reverse the #2 and #3 leads at one end. This cable would go between your mic and the 6300 input.

It would be great if this could be done in the software!

 on: Yesterday at 02:33:18 PM 
Started by N3YUG - Last post by N3YUG
Thanks Clark,  I am happy with what I am getting now.  Would like to limit my negative peaks a little, just in case.  Other than that, I have lots to learn on the AM side of things, and its a way of tinkering and learning. 


 on: Yesterday at 02:18:26 PM 
Started by Todd, KA1KAQ - Last post by WD8BIL
It's a simple pull switch, you know, like the kind in your basement with a chain!
It's just terminated with that neat little button handle. A pull straight up should work too.

 on: Yesterday at 01:48:39 PM 
Started by KC3GMQ - Last post by N1BCG
According to the schematic, the wire going to the CW key jack will be grounded whenever the jack has nothing plugged into it *and* when the mode is set to CW. Inserting a plug into the jack should break that connection.

Setting the mode to Phone bypasses the key jack and should break the ground connection of the 6AU6 oscillator, stopping the signal.

The theory is that when operating Phone, you can switch over to CW to zero-beat your transmitter to the frequency you want to operate on. Then, switching back to Phone should stop the oscillation. If that's not happening then there's something making a connection to ground through the Phone setting of the mode switch.

Either the oscillator side of SW2 is faulty (conducting regardless of setting) or you're getting a ground via that relay with the orange wire.

At this point, all troubleshooting should be done with the mode set to Phone since the CW setting seems to be functioning correctly.

 on: Yesterday at 01:44:13 PM 
Started by N3YUG - Last post by N1BCG
Hi Jason,

The 6300 is so capable on its own that the 222 isn't going to do much for you. If you do use it, be mindful that the input and outputs are 600 Ohm balanced at high level (+4 to +8dB) so you'll need to boost your mic level and attenuate the output going into the Flex.

All filtering and compression in the 6300 will need to be defeated.

Are you not happy with the sound you're getting now?


 on: Yesterday at 01:39:55 PM 
Started by N3YUG - Last post by N3YUG
I am using a Flex 6300, with my microphone direct in to the front of the radio.  All EQ is being done by the Flex right now.  I also have the REA mod Monitor pulling off the output of my amp.  Negative peaks are hitting 100% or just over sometimes.  I purchased an Inovonics 222 that should be hear by the end of the week.  My question is, how do I need to hook in the Inovonics?   If I am right in my thinking, Mic to Inovonics input, then output of Inovonics to Flex Radio.  Is there going to be any problems with that setup?  Will it be ok to EQ after the Inovonics and once the signal is inside the FLex?   Any tips or advice welcome!


 on: Yesterday at 01:14:10 PM 
Started by KC3GMQ - Last post by KC3GMQ
If you look back a few at the CW jack, it has a black wire snaked through a eyelet and I asked if that should be soldered. If I move that wire to were it's not contacting the socket, the ground goes away. I am going to remove it from the eyelet later and test things. Very odd. That relay is not ptt, only one wire and ground at Mic connection. Dave

 on: Yesterday at 12:58:22 PM 
Started by W1AEX - Last post by W1AEX
A couple of new items for the ANAN platform of SDR rigs:

New firmware release for the Hermes based ANAN-100 rigs (Hermes_v3.2.rbf) available at this link:  


New OpenHPSDR mRX PS release for all platforms. This incorporates the new Pure Signal 2.0 pre-distortion protocol which is far more robust in its capability to correct problematic linear amplifiers that exhibit memory effects. Additionally, the Pure Signal 2.0 protocol can be enabled via the front panel GUI and will remain toggled on persistently each time OpenHPSDR mRX PS is started up as long as the PS-A button (seen in the upper left of the image below) remains engaged.


New beta release of CuSDR (version 3.3.0 QT5) from Herman. There is no installation for this program, just download the zip file, extract the files to any folder of your choosing and run it from there. I found it necessary to let the program run with admin privileges otherwise I received an error message (The program has stopped working) when it was started. This version does not yet have the WDSP protocol installed, but it looks beautiful, runs smoothly, and is very stable. I was able to open up 5 receivers simultaneously (seen in the second image below) in addition to running the wideband RX display of the spectrum from VLF through 64 MHz.


I made a YouTube video of CuSDR v3.3.0 (QT5.4.0) as I was listening to an AM conversation on 75 meters yesterday. The fidelity of CuSDR is very nice and rivals OpenHPSDR mRX PS when tuning the AM broadcast band.


Lots of good stuff to play with!


 on: Yesterday at 12:56:43 PM 
Started by Sam KS2AM - Last post by DMOD
It sure looks taller than 36m as some have described it.

Phil - AC0OB

 on: Yesterday at 12:54:56 PM 
Started by KC3GMQ - Last post by N1BCG
Looks like you're closing in on the issue!  With the Viking unplugged, check the resistance/continuity between the relay lug with the orange wire and the chassis. What's odd is that it *looks like* the Normally Open (N.O.) and Normally Closed (N.C.) lugs are jumpered across.

Try slipping a thin piece of paper between the top contact and the wiper to break the N.C. connection. If that stops the unwanted oscillation in "standby" then unsoldering that jumper (it looks like a jumper) should solve your issue!

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