Silent Keys

Traditionally, the "Silent Keys" section of an amateur publication is limited to a one-liner with the ham's calls and perhaps his last station location. We believe a more elaborate, and more permanent recognition is in order for members of the AM Community we've been fortunate to come to know from hours spent on the airwaves.  Here is the start of such a memorial, with images and, eventually, icons with sound files containing "aircheck" recordings made over the years. We hope the voices and pictures of our departed friends will be a melancholy but pleasant reminiscence. Of course, please consider sending along any tapes and images to here - Email .


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Ozona Bob W5PYT

 AL   N2SHG  


 Bowie Bill WC3K

Jack  W2NRM 


 Les K6HQI

 Eric WB4VVL


Phil W5YVT





George W1GAC




Dick W2UJR



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