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September 21, 2023, 03:04:06 PM *
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 on: Today at 02:08:27 PM 
Started by kc2we - Last post by Pete, WA2CWA
EICO Uniprobe(tm)  data sheet and assembly scan
It looks like you're scanning this stuff at too high of a resolution or in a non-text mode. With your scan, there is bleed-through to the back side of the page. Also, there is lots of random  shading on each page, which will also appear if you print the page or pages.

This Eico Uniprobe complete manual is already posted on BAMA. Compare the difference:

 on: Today at 11:14:13 AM 
Started by kc2we - Last post by kc2we
EICO Uniprobe(tm)  data sheet and assembly scan

 on: Yesterday at 07:24:44 PM 
Started by n8fvj - Last post by n8fvj
Received NC-270 today. DeOxit and new electrolytic caps- works perfect. Old can cap got very hot (lots of leakage). Noise increases a lot on 6 meters when an antenna is attached and an interfering carrier registered S6. The receiver seems sensitive enough and have not installed the higher gain 6GM6 for 6BZ6 RF amp. Should arrive in a few days.

 on: Yesterday at 04:07:09 PM 
Started by KL7OF - Last post by KL7OF
Shielding the amplifier...or shielding me from the amplifier....
  I have put the amp chassis in a relay rack. 1/8 inch aluminum panel for the front and bottom.  24 ga galv for the sides and back.  Panels all fastened in typical relay rack fashion with machine screws.  I have 2, 5 inch dia tube viewing windows made from the round front glass (plastic) and aluminum bezel from old Eico O-scopes.  I shielded these with bronze fly screen between the plastic and the alum panel.  the bronze screen is bonded to the panel.  No shielding on the panel mounted 4 inch bakelite meter.  I am wondering if this is sufficient protection from RF for the operator at hi power 29 Mhz.  Is there a simple way to test?  I haven't got this all together yet and I will post some pictures soon.   

 on: Yesterday at 03:40:55 PM 
Started by Tom WA3KLR - Last post by Tom WA3KLR
During the Bruce Kelley Antique Wireless Association net this morning on 3837 kHz the band blacked out at 10:17 a.m. A index = 49 now. I do see some activity.

The propagation website I look at, now has its 3000 km. global MUF map back in service after a few years of absence:


 on: Yesterday at 10:29:23 AM 
Started by N1BCG - Last post by n8fvj
ebay: $9.99 eBay item number:165700055162

 on: Yesterday at 09:55:46 AM 
Started by N1BCG - Last post by N1BCG
Also, it doesn't have to be an Aerovox. I'm temporarily using one made by Sangamo.

 on: Yesterday at 08:49:35 AM 
Started by N1BCG - Last post by N1BCG
This 0.004uF 3500V cap spilled its innards after what I believe was a nearby lightning strike. Nothing direct, but close enough to take this and several transmitter components out. All that's left to replace is the cap.

I checked eBay and Fair Radio. Any other suggestions?

0.003 or 0.004uF will work since I can change taps on the inductor to accommodate some variation.

Many thanks in advance!

 on: September 19, 2023, 04:32:27 PM 
Started by k2ors - Last post by W3GMS
Norm is a very smart guy! 

I remember many enjoyable times talking to Norm at NEAR-Fest with him describing one of his most recent creations!

Thanks for the pictures Warren.

 on: September 19, 2023, 04:28:59 PM 
Started by W2JTD - Last post by W3GMS
So glad Paul that you were able to get together with Jay. 

Sadly, I have not heard Jay on the air in a very long time.

Looks like he is doing well.


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