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 on: Yesterday at 11:39:36 PM 
Started by WA2SQQ - Last post by Steve - K4HX
Good receiving antennas will almost always "hear" better than transmit antennas like verticals, slopers, dipoles, etc. I noticed 3-10 dB improvement in the received SNR when switching from my dipole to a K9AY or the phased-Beverages I used to have up. Quite astounding once you hear it. Critical for working DX but can improve things greatly for more local rag chewing too.

The Beverages also drastically reduce thunderstorm noise emanating from the South and West of my location. Take a listen to the audio clip at the link below. It was recorded on 80-meters in September 2010 while switching between a dipole and the Beverages. It almost sounds like the thunderstorm static is switched off when listening on the Beverages. Keep in mind that OK2RZ had a very strong signal, something like 5/9+10-15. Still the late summer static on the dipole is quite noticeable. On the Beverages it is all but gone!


More info at the links.




 on: Yesterday at 11:15:46 PM 
Started by WA7DUY - Last post by K4RT

I hadn't heard of the Nouveau 75 until seeing your post here. That's an interesting AM transceiver kit and it seems to be reasonably priced. http://www.4sqrp.com/n-75.php I wonder if the RF final is capable of higher output in that circuit. Maybe our Class E folks know more. I'll have to read up on Class G modulation.

Brad K4RT

 on: Yesterday at 10:21:23 PM 
Started by N4LTA - Last post by vk3alk
Hi Pat...

Everything seems to be coming along well.....

Is your TX going to be in another box ?
Have you decided on what materials you will use in your PWM LPF yet....?.
Have tried 3 different types and can detail those if you like....
Might be best to build the transmitter first and see what load it places on the modulator and then design the Filter for whatever it is like 6 ohms / 12 ohms etc:
With the TX are you going to try Nigels ..... has he sent you any details at all as he seems to be quiet at the moment....
Hope all is OK with him.......

Are currently building another 160M TX .... all the modules are built and tested and are building the case just like you so might upload some photos for interest sake....

Sounds like your regulator is just a regulator  Undecided
Can send you the circuit for the one I use which has variable output voltage and over current with SWR rollback which is a good safe guard really....
You could build that afterwards and install at a later date perhaps...

Thats enough...


 on: Yesterday at 10:16:49 PM 
Started by W1RC - Last post by Steve - K4HX
The count at the AM Dinner was 23.

Sorry I didn't see you Al. Todd mentioned that you were on a trike.  Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 08:58:07 PM 
Started by SM6OID - Last post by VE1PYE
I've read that the blocking capacitor in the back of the rig, its a grey box with two sections, is known for leaking and will upset the modulator.  The restoration practice is to drill out the bottom and restuff them. 

73, Jason

 on: Yesterday at 08:36:04 PM 
Started by KM4EIJ - Last post by KM4EIJ
I have a few old rigs that belonged to my late father that may be of interest to some here.  They take up too much space for me to use.
This link is for the sale of a nice Heathkit SB-221.



 on: Yesterday at 08:34:38 PM 
Started by KM4EIJ - Last post by KM4EIJ

I have a few old rigs that belonged to my late father that may be of interest to some here.  They take up too much space for me to use.
This sale of for a very nice and clean Central Electronics 100v.



 on: Yesterday at 07:57:10 PM 
Started by WA2SQQ - Last post by K4EMF
I'm using the PIXEL loop which is now sold by DX Engineering. It's about 40" in diameter. Not cheap, but in my case it's a night and day difference. Noise mitigation is the real issue. I live in Northern NJ with the majority of the metro NYC AM radio transmitters located about 5 air miles away. WABC is a 50 KW station and its ~ 2miles away. The Flex's (6500) receiver is very tight so I'm not hearing any images, but they all contribute to increasing the noise floor. My average noise level last night was S6-S7. In the winter it drops about 1 S unit - all this on my sloper. When I use the PIXEL, my noise floor drops by ~ 3 S-units. When I switch over, it literally opens up a whole new group of stations. It's quite directional during the daytime, somewhat less at night with skywave propagation. It also performs very good down to about 75 khz, and remains usable down to 30 khz. Above 40m,  - meh ...

I'm also experimenting with this antenna, a "LOG" (loop on ground).

Extremely easy to make and it is somewhat bi-directional. The psychological aspect which took some getting use to is when you see the S meter drop. Weaker signals (on the Smeter), - definitely - but most of the decrease is the noise. WAS on 160m was something I never imagined being able to do, especially due to my location and limited space. Granted, FT8 isn't the same as having a QSO but it still shows that it can be done! Last season I worked K9FD in Hawaii. I though that was the ultimate DX I could accomplish. Several weeks later at about 1 AM, I worked an "E51" from Cook Island, a few thousand miles further! This one was done with 300W using FT8, all the others about 80W.

Thanks for the response. I have played around with a small loop antenna calculator.  But the calculated efficiencies were so low I never attempted to use one.

My (horizontal) 500' loop is relatively close to the ground, with a height ranging from 12' to maybe 24' or 20.   I do get a lot of noise though, particularly on the lower frequencies.   

 on: Yesterday at 07:41:45 PM 
Started by Steve - K4HX - Last post by Steve - K4HX
From the ARRL Letter:

Southern Rocker Larry "LJ" Junstrom, K4EB, died on October 6. He was reported to be 70. Junstrom was a founding member and bassist of Lynyrd Skynyrd, although he left the group before it recorded its first album. He's better known as a member of another Southern Rock band, 38 Special, with which he performed from 1977 until retiring in 2014.

"The Big Man on the Big Bass has left us," a statement on the 38 Special website said. "He rocked arenas all over the world and succeeded in living his dream. He was truly one of a kind, a congenial traveling companion and a great friend to all with a humorous slant on life that always kept our spirits high -- a kind man with a big heart for everyone who crossed his path."

Licensed in 1962 as WN2LKF, later becoming WA4LKF, he was a regular attendee of Orlando HamCation. Junstrom was inactive in Amateur Radio during his busy years on the road but picked up the hobby again in 1990 and became an avid DXer with 347 entities in mixed DXCC. He was a frequent check-in to the Musicians' Net on 40 meters.

After retiring, Junstrom worked in real estate in north central Florida.

 on: Yesterday at 07:22:07 PM 
Started by KD1SH - Last post by KD1SH
Hi, Larry,
   Sorry I missed you.  Wayne told me you were there, but not until after the 'fester.  I did meet up with Paul, W1VLF, and also Ron, WZ1V.
   N1ALF, N1BCG, WA1GFZ - now that's too bad I didn't get a chance to meet those guys.  I hear Rob, N1ALF, on the AM Carrier Net and Lonely Guys all the time, but never met him.  I used to work with Frank, WA1GFZ, over twenty years ago; might not recognize him now. Clark, N1BCG, has one of the nicest sounding stations in the area.  Would have enjoyed meeting those three.
   It was a great day, and like you say, great turnout.  No big scores here, either; some assorted tubes and parts, and a somewhat rough looking but probably workable Clegg Interceptor.  Older than my other Interceptor, which is which an "Interceptor B" - this one, a non-"B", has a slightly different front panel.  Someone did a real shabby looking blue paint job on the case, which will need to be stripped down and repainted in something close to the original Clegg gray.  The front panel's not bad; haven't looked inside yet.  Hopefully mice haven't gotten into it.
   Looking forward to hearing you on the 6 meter AM net sometime.

I was there Bill. I guess we did not cross paths. This one was the best one there in a long time. Overflow of vendors and the weather was great. Good selection of boatanchors and parts etc. I saw some am'ers there. N1ALF, N1BCG, WA1GFZ, his cohort Gary, whose call escapes my feeble old brain, W1VLF, W1EPG. There were others I'm sure, just going by the conversations that I overheard as I  toured the place. No major scores, I am not looking for much. One thing was an 80M bandpass filter, nice 250W unit.

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