Farfest 2005

GAITHERSBURG, Md. (amfone) -- Perhaps more than ever before, the centerpiece of the FARFest has become the AM Festival Station, W3F. Attendance at this hamfest continues to struggle back toward the days before organizers decided to try other locations that were less expensive to rent. But the social gathering at the AM Corral showed us the magic is still there as the gathering convened at the original site, the Montgomery County Fairgrounds..

The station this time consisted of a Johnson Invader and a Hallicrafters SX-88 and SX-73 for a backup. An Electro-Voice 661 fed directly into the modified transmitter completed the audio chain. On receive, the SX-88 fed what appeared to be the "small" Advent, a classic hi-fi loudspeaker. The Gaithersburg train rolled on as it has in years past. Here, the sound of the train cannot compete with Frank's dissertation about the virtues of "Testor's Pla Enamel" in his restoration work.

QSL via the listing for W3F on QRZ.com. The official on-line logbook will eventually be posted here.