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Simple Audio Driver for 833A modulator

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Author Topic: Simple Audio Driver for 833A modulator  (Read 50786 times)
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« Reply #125 on: November 16, 2005, 02:01:25 PM »

Looks like things are progressing along.  Some good additions. I don't mind lots of bells and whistles, as long as they do something worth while. Most seem logical. The neg peak limiter of the unused op amp is a great idea.

I intend on building the version that exists when I get everything else finished on the 833A X 4-1000A rig.  Maybe in a month I'll be at that point.

Right now I'm doing metalwork. Finished building the four big chassis and made a sub chassis air system  for the 4X1 as well as mounted the 833A's with small muffin fans below them to add cooling there.

Question:  Can I mount the 833A fil transformers right on top of the mod transformer without seeing audio feedback problems between the cathode and plate? I expect there will be some big EM fields there.  Or maybe the 833A's are such low mu it doesn't matter.  Room is at a premium on the mod deck with the big iron taking up 3/4's .

Also: I use two 150H @ 300 ma chokes in PARALLEL for the heising reactor. If they sit side by side, do the windings have to be phased correctly due to core EM coupling? I planned on putting the cores at right angles to one another, but still wonder about weird effects from core overlap and proper winding phase as a result, if even needed.



Use an "AM Courtesy Filter" to limit transmit audio bandwidth  +-4.5 KHz, +-6.0 KHz or +-8.0 KHz when needed. 

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« Reply #126 on: November 16, 2005, 03:26:12 PM »

I don't think the chokes will be a problem because they are in parallel. The Fil transformer not sure. Can you put a steel plate between them?
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