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Author Topic: AM heard on 40 mtrs!  (Read 3443 times)
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pe1mph AM from Holland

« on: March 11, 2023, 10:44:32 AM »

Hello AM Lovers,
Sometimes I listen (very short) in the night in our livingroom or kitchen.
Then I monitor some bands, perhaps I can receive AM stations...

This morning I listen to a webreceiver in our kitchen, with my mobile phone.
From AM-lover pa3hdm, he lives close to my qth (Triemen: south of Dokkum)
I thought: I listen by him, if he can receive AM from the USA / Canada?

While I drink tea in our livingroom, I listen to:
KiwiSDR: Software-defined receiver
Dokkum | Grid j033bg, ASL 6, [map], SNR 19:19 dB
Antenna: MFJ 1886 loop

I heard on his webreceiver, time (by me) +/- 05.45 hour):
- nothing on 160 meters in AM
- weak stations on 3875 and 3885
- 2 stations on 7294 khz

I listen to 7294 khz ? and I heard Don and Chuck talking!!
But I were just awake, so I am not 100% sure about 7284.  Wink

Not strong signals, but audible.
For me a big surprice to hear AM on 40 meters.
Long, long ago I have heard Tim WA1HLR on 7290 khz.

First I drink my cup of tea and then I walk easy to our livingroom.
Perhaps I can receive both stations (Don and Chuck) on my radio. Smiley
I did the radio on and 'turning the knob' with the Memory....
Yes 7290 is standing under Memory from the Kenwood R 5000.

I heard only a few seconds from one of the 2..... Cry
I think both were going to bed....
Ofcourse I wait, maybe another station comming...
But nothing on 7294 khz and the freq. were complete free!
Evenso I had no local noise on my receiver.

A pity for me, I decided to go to the shower.
Perhaps I have a next time more luck...


Oh by the way, later in the morning I heard...
Very, very weak carriers on 1885 khz.
No audio, signals to weak for me.
And yes I know some were on 1885, by listening to an USA webreceiver.
And again later I heard by me 2 stations weak on 3875, but to weak to hear calls.

Oh and later in the morning (+/- 08.00 hour by me) I listen to mediumwave.
I were standing short outside with my XHDATA and mini loopant.

Not to long because it were cold.... Angry

I hear BC stations on:
590, 930, 1690 khz from Canada
1010, 1130 khz from Usa

And, and....
From the middle of The Netherlands is legal transmitting: Europa Radio on 6130 khz.
Perhaps you can receive this station, reports can you sent to:

So thats all for now,

Henk / PE1MPH
Dokkum / The Netherlands


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pe1mph AM from Holland

« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2023, 09:49:23 PM »

Hello Am lovers,
Now I am sitting in our livingroom.
Time by me now: 02:40 in the morning.

Just I heard a station on: 7295 khz
He did CQ some times in AM!
I think his call is: K2DLF
I am not sure, because many splattering from BC stations near 7295 khz, from a strong Chinese? station on 7290.
Evenso a BC station on 7300, but not so strong...
And lower, around 7280 I have a big locale noise...
There I can hear nobody...

While I type this, I hear the man not calling again...
Oh by the way...
I were so surpriced to hear him calling...
Hi hi I were to late to get his call by a webreceiver!


Henk / pe1mph
Dokkum / The Netherlands
WTF-OVER in 7 land Dennis
Online Online

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« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2023, 09:32:09 AM »

Thanks to you, Henk, for all your reports.

Most interesting!


Just pacing the Farady cage...

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« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2023, 09:32:39 AM »

it was kd2alf

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pe1mph AM from Holland

« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2023, 10:39:12 AM »

it was kd2alf

Sorry, I could not clearly hear his call.
And I were a little surpriced....
I heard him a few time saying CQ CQ.

Later I heard on an USA webreceiver Don talking around 7285.
But a pity on my receiver locale noice.....

I keep my 'ears & eyes' evenso on that part of 40 mtrs.
We may not use that part of 40, but I can always give info on this Forum.... Smiley


Henk / pe1mph
Dokkum / The Netherlands
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