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Author Topic: some 'lots' in the online radio items auction closing on the 30th July  (Read 1334 times)
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« on: July 25, 2022, 07:52:05 PM »

Not affiliated in this.

Just highlighting some 'lots' in the online radio items auction closing on the 30th July. (In Texas and most items can be shipped)

* Be careful as most things have not been checked unless it says so.
*Sometimes decent or interesting radio parts or test gear shows up at a bargain price because the audience is mainly antique radio collectors.
Listed below are individual items that I believe might be of interest for our hobby uses. Otherwise there are 400 table radios etc to dig through here, if you want:

picked items:

ceramic plate caps and some tubes looking like like 6146, 2E26, 6L6 metal, etc.

Heathkit 30MHz? frequency counter; model IM 4100; works

Some kind of really telegraphy board with weird lights, a bell, and a knife switch.

Heathkit 0-400VDC 100mA regulated power supply with also 0-100V 20mA bias and 6.3/12.6VAC heater outputs, plus a heathkit HP-13 mobile B+ type inverter power supply making 750 VDC @ 150 ma CCS / 300 ma ICAS, and 250 or 300V @175mA, and bias of -40 to 130V @20mA.

Hitachi oscilloscope dual channel 20MHz model V-252

5A variac with AC volt meter in small metal cabinet

Classic old 8" diameter AC ammeter 0-5A

vintage Tektronix 532 scope and scopecart with 3 plugins.
type 53/54C and type 82 dual trace plug-in units, type 1A7A differential amplifier.

Tektronix oscillosocpe model 7603 on Tektronix Scope Mobile type 203, works.
plugins are 7CT1N curve tracer, 7A26, 7B92 delay time base.

Lavoie 5" scope, 15MHz dual channel LA-261. Unauthorized Tektronix 516 clone. Tektronix sued and won.

Four wall-mounted Western Electric speakers. enclosure appears to be made by Dukane. They were probably used last as external speakers for receivers.

Cooper-Hewitt Mercury Rectifier, but it looks a little suspicious to me for actually energizing it. look at the mercury's color?

Radio Candelstein - Flagship Station of the NRK Radio Network.
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