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Author Topic: READ BEFORE POSTING ON THIS SITE  (Read 34987 times)
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Radio Syracuse
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Syracuse Radio W2INR

« on: September 02, 2006, 07:37:13 PM »

This is a radio site dedicated to AM Radio. The reason most come here is to meet and exchange information about our mode and hobby.

In an effort to provide our community a meeting place on the internet for AMers we had conceived the QSO section for general topics.

I ask everyone to keep the following items in mind while participating in this site:

1. The Registration Agreement you agreed to when you became a user.  The Registration Agreement is the baseline document for this website and forum. This document, “Rules and Regulations”, is an addendum to the Registration Agreement, it is a common sense guideline to the use of the website and forum and carries the same weight. Any arising issue on the website will be judged by the AMFone Moderation Administrator in accordance with the Registration Agreement and the AMfone Rules and Regulations.

2. The site has COPPA registered users (Children under 13). This site shall follow and enforce the COPPA Guidelines.  Review the COPPA Guidelines here:

3. This site has a wide range of users.  The users are male and female, various ethnicities, backgrounds and ages. Disparaging remarks meant to be humorous may be humorous to some but are injurious to others. Realistically, disparaging remarks should not be humorous to anyone. Additionally, personal attacks or flaming is prohibited. Threads or posts that turn into using personal attacks or flaming will be deleted. This includes personal attacks or flaming on age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, background, etc in the Private Messaging area as well.

5. All offensive actions, including threats, accusations, personal attacks, misrepresentations, posts, pictures, graphics, etc. become the responsibility of the webmaster despite who posts it. Please remember, anything that is posted in the public forum including IP addresses are recorded and can be easily retrieved. Offensive, injurious actions or other negative actions not mentioned in this paragraph(s) will not be tolerated. If in doubt review the Registration Agreement.

6. No political or religious posts will be tolerated on this site, unless directly related to our hobby. There are thousands of sites one can go for that subject matter including the TV or newspaper. People do not come to AMfone for that. Frankly, 70% of the posts that created flame wars that were of a political or religious nature were pulled and we don't need that here. There has never been one radio related post pulled on this site.

7. The moderator is always right. If a moderator locks a thread or deletes it and you have an issue with that, send a private message to W3JN, the Moderation Administrator. Do not discuss or start a new thread about the action on the forum. Repeated website abuse can or will result in website use privileges being revoked.

8. If the moderator is wrong, see rule number 7.

9. We ask that you follow common sense practices when posting to ensure all users including yourself will have an enjoyable time here. Keep in mind to treat others they way you would like to be treated. Also, please remember that this site represents the AM community in many ways.

10.  Most important of all, please enjoy the website.

Moderation questions in this area as well as any other area on this site may be directed to John, W3JN.

Thank you.


The Amfone Team

G - The INR

Amateur Weather Station KNYSYRAC64
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