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Log Periodic VS Yagi - K1JJ

Preventing  Coax  Feedline Radiation - K1JJ

Johnny Novice's Guide to receivers - W3JN

 Run Big Carrier, Little Audio or  Big Audio, Little Carrier? -K1JJ

K4QKY's Electric Radio  Alive & Well

75 meter Turnstile Antenna - K1JJ

Processing 101 - Mike W2ZE

Screen And Grid driven Tetrodes - K1JJ

Amplitude Modulation Defined

The Five Hurdles - K1JJ

Sweeping your Rig - K1JJ

Frequency Response - K1JJ

Receiver tone test - K1JJ

Detector hookup - K1JJ

Scope Pickup - K1JJ

Outboard Audio & Recording- K1JJ

Buckshot, Splatter & Scopes - K1JJ

Driving Modulator w/ HI FI Amplifier

Measuring Soil/Ground Conductivity

Oscillograph Of  Typical
Broadcast Audio

AM Operating Practices - W5AMI






FT 1000D Mods - Bill W3DUQ

Ranger Mods - Keith WA1HZK

Johnson Valiant Mods - Keith WA1HZK

    T-368 Vfo Solid State Modification


R-390A Simple Audio - Mike WU2D

 RF Sampler/ detector Pick up - Tyler KA0KA

  Off the air Monitor - W2INR    AB1 Modulator - N9FOY

      Precision AM Detector - K2CU



E Class By INR

WB2SYQ's Collins 21E  Adventure

The Bartlesville Transmitter Project

K1MVP's SX-71 Restoration


Open wire on Multi-band Dipoles- K1JJ

Yagis - Questions you always wondered about - K1JJ

Antenna Coax Power Dividers - K1JJ

Probably the best 75M Local & DX Antenna - K1JJ

Vertical Radial Ground Systems - K1JJ

40 Meter EWE Receive Antenna-WD8BIL

 40 Meter Cloud Burner - KC2UT

Verticals & Ground Systems - K1JJ

75m Transmit & Receive System - K1JJ

Feedline - K1JJ

A Simple & Effective Antenna Tuner

What is the Best 75M High Angle Local Antenna?

Low Dipoles and Zepps - Considerations


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