A simple Broadband off the air monitor

Submitted by W2INR


                  Click on circuit diagram  for full size image

  NOTE: The headphones listed on the drawing are incorrect and should read Sony 7506's.

This circuit is nothing new. It provides a simple way to monitor ones own audio. The beauty of the circuit is the unrestricted audio.

When monitoring your off the air signal you want a clean broadband signal. Receivers have IF's, AGC, audio chains and filters to contend with . Yes they will work but there is a compromise.

The other most important element to this circuit is the headphones. You should spend a little money to ensure you have a good set that reproduce properly and are comfortable. i recommend the Sony 7506's. These are use throughout the broadcast industry and are comfortable. Don't forget the phasing switch!! Just like you audio chain you want your headphones in phase!!