Operating On AM!!

Some Basic Procedures and Guidelines

At times, we are all subject to mistakes, forgetfulness, and maybe even downright stupidity!  Maybe I should say ignorance instead of stupidity, since I can't imagine too many hams to actually to fit the later case.

Also, there are those who are new to this exciting mode of operation that just simply need a little guidance with their rig and/or just want to know how to fit in with the traditional style of AM operators.  There really is no "click" or group of esoteric AM'ers.  Fitting in on AM, in all honesty, is not an issue.  We all have our unique personalities and hang-ups.  In my experience, past and present, AM'ers in general are very open minded and welcome any and all into a QSO.

If you are new, there are a few basics of the style you might want to abide by just to keep from being ruled weird!  Even though no one would tell you that over the air.

Operating AM is really no different to SSB, CW, RTTY, etc., since they all require that we be aware of our operating parameters and etiquette.

AM Frequencies

  Calling CQ

  Using a "Rice Box" or Solid State rig on AM

  Using an Oscilloscope

  Frequency Counter

  Frequency Meter (spotting device)

  Joining a QSO in progress

  "Ole Buzzard Transmissions"

To Be Continued........