Originally Posted 07 Mar 1998


Robert Lee "Bob" Hohertz

"Ozona Bob"
March 1926 - March 1998
A friend to all who knew him
Ozona Bob W5PYT

Many of you might remember Bob first in regards to his record long transmissions. Bob could really make some long ones but the content was usually interesting and informative.  His mind was remarkable, remembering names, call, circuits, you name it!  His interests spanned many subjects, not just ham radio.  Bob was interested in Astronomy (not Astrology!), genealogy, gardening,  to name a few.  My last QSO with Bob was about February of 1997.  We were in a heavy discussion over proper solar observation of the solar disk to obtain sunspot counts.

I wish I had recorded each and every QSO I had with Bob... they were all memorable. It was a sad occasion in November of '97 when everyone had learned the news about Bob's YL passing away.  It was a great loss for Bob himself, to say the least. Bob was not heard on the air after that time.  He loved his wife dearly.

Bob passed away on 06 Mar 1998 shortly after 5:00 PM CST. His loss has greatly saddened me as it has many others I know.

I think it would be very appropriate if we all declared an "Ozona Bob" weekend once a year on AM.  A weekend of record turnout of AM ops and marathon QSO's ( not necessarily record long transmissions!!).  I think Bob would be proud for us to make this happen, so let's get together and do it. "Ozona Bob", I will keep my filaments glowing for you and until we have our next schedule, best of 73 to you.