E-Class 75 meter Transmitter


The project was officially started early May 2004. I fully mocked up the entire rig completing all the drilling and blasting.  The rig was torn down and I am now in the process of finishing, polishing, buffing, painting, waxing and cleaning all the parts and pieces. As the parts are installed this time they are being all wired up. Control and protection circuits are next. Estimated Fire up in September 2004. 



High Voltage Power Supply

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A shot looking through the rig from back towards the front.



Bridge rectifier rated 250 amps @ 600vdc


A pair of Signal Transformer DU2's rated at 2KVA each in parallel, rectified by the bridge rectifier and filtered with a 100,000 mfd @ 200v  capacitor bank.




 10 FET Pulse Width Modulator





          Fet Driver board            


The FET Driver circuit was designed by Steve WA1QIX. I designed the layout for the board and had Express PC  make the boards. I am very happy with the quality of the boards. Everything lined up and the holes were perfect.

The board will drive up to 10 FET's




Fet Driver board


The modulator is built on a piece of brass that is .675" thick and weighs in at 37 lbs by itself!!





             Heat sink side of the modulator         





Shots of the finished modulator












 4 FET RF Driver








The is going together daily so  - - Stay Tuned for more!