FT1000D capacitor / resistor / transformer changes

for all mods done at W3DUQ:


C2123  remove 470pf


C3101  remove .022mfd

C3080  remove .0022mfd

C3123  change TO 47mfd

C3133  change TO 47mfd

C3127  change TO 47mfd

C3135  change TO 4.7mfd

C3082  change TO 100mfd

C3135  change TO 10mfd

C3234  change TO 10mfd

R3052  parallel a 2.2k

R3053  parallel a 2.2k

R3055  parallel a 1k

R3056  parallel a 1k


C8311  change TO .22mfd

C8318  change to 220pf

C8319  replace with a jumper


C6074, C6402, C6084, C6085, C6086 - REMOVE

C6090  change to 10mfd

Add .047mfd across J6008 pins 1-2


C9613  remove 68pf

C9614  remove 68pf 


Change out the original 2.4khz filters with Inrad

2.8(actually 3.1) filters #715c and #716.

Remove the 2.0khz filters and replace with the 2.4khz 

removed in the above step.

Remove the 6khz stock small square filter and replace

with Collins 10khz #526-8735-010.(be sure to follow the

added inductors/resistors per Collins instructions).

Note: This will give you 10khz receive AND transmit

on AM WIDE plus 2.8khz receive in AM NARROW position.

You can also use the modified second (sub) receiver for

6khz AM receive, thus giving you three AM receive bandwidth

selections. The AM TRANSMIT remains in the collins 10khz 

filter mode, thus giving you essentially a "brick wall" 

audio limitation of around 5khz.


Rewire ALC phono jack on rear apron to P3003

pin 2,(100khz last i-f for use with a monitor scope)

Rewire PHONE PATCH phono jack on rear apron

through a 3.3k resistor to J3007 pin 3.

Bypass the phono input end with a .001mfd.

This becomes the hi-fi external audio chain

input and the vox and mike gain controls

will work this way.

On the RX antenna phono jack on the rear apron,

solder a jumper from the center pin to L1003 top,

located near the rear left edge of the board.

This allows the use of an additional external

receiver while the 1000d is in receive mode.

Turn S1001 to the "on" position to activate

the TX out phono jack to ground the linear

t-r relay coil.

To increase the overall i-f bandwidth on the

ft1000d from 6khz to 10khz it is necessary

to adjust at least three of the i-f transformers.

Connect a signal generator (another ricebox

will do fine for this) to the antenna

input of the ft1000d.

Set both the ft1000d and signal generator

to 3.870mhz as a starting point. You might

want to LOCK the vfo on the 1000d for

these setup procedures.

Turn the AGC OFF, AM WIDE and set the r-f gain

for a non overload level with  your scope

connected to the 100khz i-f output point on

the i-f board (rx out J2024 pin 2) or your newly converted

i-f out jack.Make a note of the signal level on the S meter

with the agc momentarily turned on, then turn it back off.

The frequencies below refer to the signal generator,

and the peaks are on the scope:

Adjust T2001 (8mhz i-f receive) for a peak at 3.870mhz

Adjust T2004 (8mhz filter input) for a peak at 3.870mhz

Adjust T2007 (8mhz filter output) for a peak at 3.870mhz

Adjust T2008 (455khz i-f output) for a peak at 3.870mhz

Adjust T2009 (455khz center) for a peak at 3.866mhz

Adjust T2010 (455khz mixer) for a peak at 3.874mhz

Adjust T2013 (100khz center) for a peak at 3.870mhz)

Adjust T2030 (455khz filter input) for a peak at 3.870mhz)

Now reset the generator to 3.870mhz

and set VR2004 (i-f gain) to the same S meter level

that you had at the beginning of this procedure (AGC on) 


You could also use a sweep generator if

available for your signal source.

Note: For additional mod's including the information on filter changeout and alignment try these sites:





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