Here are my pictures & notes about the Ranger Project that went down this winter.
basically I went with Tim's suggestions only changing the ckt. so I could drive it with my 600 ohm audio system.
I thought I came up with some interesting ideas to pack 20 lbs of swill into the 5 Lb. box!




  Audio Schematic                Audio wiring             Audio wiring  2              Bias supply                  Bias supply 2


  Feed back Circuit                 Front panel                Heising circuit                Power cord                  Power cord 2


    28 & 50 volt PS                   Ranger PS                    PTT Notes                      Rectifiers                  Small PTT relay


  Stock Modulator              Stock Final                   Strip the audio                  Strip the PS                  Strip the PS


 Terminals for Caps              VR TUbes                LV Choke position               Wired PS                   PS Layout