East Coast Sound                               A site dedicated to the Hi-Fi sounds int the East  

Well it all started for me back in 1983. I was completing a restore of an 1939 Zenith Long Distance floor console. As I was tuning around the bands I ran across a section of the spectrum that had this squawking coded voice transmissions (SSB). In the midst of this area I found a group of people talking like they were on a phone but the audio was superb! I listened in for a while as I fine tuned the receiver and heard these strange radio calls. WA1HLR, EKV, DUQ,VJB and others. Who were these stations? What kind of radio was this? How come they sound so good?

Well it didn't take long to understand what was going on. And four years later I became a ham radio operator. Having come from the music industry as an audio engineer and looking for some extension of that,  the marriage began. Tuning the bands and working people from across the land, they kept on calling the good audio heard in the East as "The East Coast Sound"! I wanted in and the rest was history.

The East Coast Sound is not a place or region, it is an attitude.

This page is dedicated to all AMers who have worked hard to bring their stations to the levels that meet if not exceed Broadcast Standards. It can be as rewarding as frustrating at times but it reflects the technical competence of the stations and their operators.  East Coast Sound is not only about sound but the attitude that strives for excellence in all aspects of our hobby.

Over time we will be providing Audio files of submitted stations as well as modifications, photos, etc. Please feel free to submit material to this site. Send to W2INR and put East Coast Sound in the subject line. (remove the dashed from email )