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Title: C-bypass capacitors
Post by: N1XBM on March 25, 2019, 09:43:10 PM
I am building a 24 FET 160/80 RF deck following the notes on The schematic calls out two high quality caps in parallel at .15uf. I was thinking about using 3 .05uf orange drops. I noticed they seem to be pricey for 1600v rating and drop some for the 600v rating. I've been looking on ebay.

Anyone have any suggestions on voltage rating spec and if there are better places to look?

Title: Re: C-bypass capacitors
Post by: PA0NVD on March 26, 2019, 12:31:43 PM
Take care paralleling larger caps, the inductance of the connections may give you resonances which will increase the impedance very much. I had that a few times with loading caps. It is better to look for larger multi layer ceramic caps for decoupling. If the capacitance needs to be increased, you can solder them together virtually without any inductance. You are looking for mOhms at RF which are just a few mills of wire, so orange drops may not be your best choice
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