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Title: How To Use This Section - Read Before Posting
Post by: Todd, KA1KAQ on July 27, 2012, 12:44:02 PM
The QSO forum is a section meant for posting your questions and topics that aren't necessarily technical in nature. If you keep in mind the name and purpose of the site when posting, you can't go wrong.

Unrelated topics, while not forbidden, shouldn't become the routine or reason for using There are far better sites on the internet to get answers on computer problems, non-radio consumer electronics purchases, medical questions, dentures, political rants, famous personalities, conspiracy theories, cooking tips and so on. is the premier resource and destination for so many users because of its focus on Amplitude Modulation on the Amateur Bands and related topics. Our members do an excellent job overall at keeping it this way.

If a moderator removes a topic, assume they did so for good reason. If you have questions as to why, simply contact the staff directly as stated in the Rules & Regs section.
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