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Name Description Popup Clicks
A Tom VU Xmas Song Featuring K1JJ The title says it all

Submitted by WD8BIL the Budster
Blond Star Great Spoof

Submitted by Bill
Vortex Joe?? Submitted by Fred The Mopman 3805
W8VYZ - It's my life Submitted by Joe W1GFH 3932
KF6PQT Jason, KF6PQT on his DX60 setup, describing his current antenna situation.

Submitted by Joe W1GFH
K6IRD, NI6Q, W7MD Sharon K6IRD, Brian NI6Q (ex F5VQ) and Damon W7MD.

submitted by Joe W1GFH
W1GAC WLW sign off George W1GAC recall the sign-off of WLW

Submitted by Dan W1DAN
2x2L 2X2L - War Of The Worlds. From Orson Welles original Halloween radio broadcast. After the aliens land at Grovers Mill they go on a rampage of destruction. New York City is obliterated along with all its commercial broadcast stations. The airwaves are silent, except for one last AM ham operator, callsign 2X2L. (Welles got two things right: the "2" callsign signifying the fictional ham's NY QTH, and the fact that AM'ers can survive anything - including alien attacks)

K6ESE K6ESE - Trevor in Los Angeles calls CQ using his barefoot Ranger. Recorded 2003.

Submitted by Joe W1GFH
Nobody Can Hear You submitted by N3DRB - The Derb 3627