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AM Audio Vault
AM Audio Vault
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Files added by User: Steve - WB3HUZ
Name Description Popup Clicks
Viking Drag The boys have some fun with K7YOO at a recent hamfest. 3391
KB3AHE's Post Timonium Party, 2007 Fun at Frank and Carol's place. 3140
Threatening Hams From an old Twilight Zone episode 2680
W2DTC & N3WWL Recorded on 80 Meters, 18 March 2007. Diode direct from SP-600 receiver, 8 or 13 kHz IF bandwidth. Jay is on his new Flex Radio. 1647
75 Meter Round Table Late Sunday afternoon on 75 Meters, February 2002. Armchair copy as they say. 1942
KC4MOP Fred circa 2000, when he was in Oxon Hill, MD. Recorded late afternoon on 75 meters, receiver SP-400, diode detector direct to DAT. 1556
KD2XA at Mamaroneck Chris circa 2000 1419
Voice of Communism A great pirate radio spoof on Radio Moscow from the 1980's. They even included the 50 cycle hum. That's right (that's right). 2750
Dobbins Island - An Airial View In 1993 Dobbins Island was the site of an AM Expedition. Read more about it here.

W8VYZ Classic Ashtabula Bill talking about slopbuckets. Recorded on 75 meters in the mid-90's. 11001