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Piis and Moan Net Jam

Name Piis and Moan Net Jam
Description Piss and Moan Net carrier Jam-in recorded April 19, 1992. Net hosted by WA1HLR. This was the last night of N2IFY as N2IFY, now KF2VM.

Submitted by Larry WA1LGQ
Sent by W2INR
Votes Votes: 4 - Average: 4.5

06 Dec 2011
This is hilarious!

I just about pissed, moaned, and cried laughing at the bedlam Timtron unleashed. Does anyone have any clips of a regular opening of the net? That was pretty amusing too, hearing HLR arrive on frequency "Calling for any check-ins for the Piss and Moan Net."
20 Apr 2007
What a great idea. We shud do it again sometime !
11 Apr 2007
Nice, what a blast from the past, good job guys. Looking back, it's amazing the Commission just took my license. I would never dream of doing/saying some of the things I used to, back then. Ahhh, the confidence of youth. JAMIE
24 Mar 2007
Maybe this is why the ARRL is trying to deep six the AM mode?
Steve - WB3HUZ
21 Mar 2007
What a great idea, a Jam In. Someone was jammin' on the harmonica!
20 Mar 2007
Wow. What MORE can be said ??? Did scientists record any rise in the ionosphere when this burst flared ?

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