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Joe Walsh - WB6ACU

Name Joe Walsh - WB6ACU
Description Joe Walsh - WB6ACU on his Collins 20V3.
Recorded 5-22-2002 by W1GFH, Los Angeles , CA.
Sent by W2INR
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23 Mar 2007
Well that disco thing can sure get funky...
All them pretty songs seem too slow,
I like to sit and pick with them good old boys...
Or maybe New Wave's in I just don't know,
When the critics try to analyze a career trend...
I just sit back and watch them come and go,
'Cause I can play that rock & roll for ya...
I can play that rock & roll.

"I Can Play that Rock & Roll"
from the LP "You Bought It- You Name It"
Warner Brother Records- 1983
12 Mar 2007
About 3 years ago, he was a much more hard core AMer and would get on the air 2 or 3 nights a week and BS with us local AMers. He was a very good sport. We once gave him an on-the-air CW test to see if he could copy 15wpm (he can) and quizzed his knowledge of guitar trivia (excellent). I will look around and see if I can dig up some of the recordings I made of his various AM rigs on the air.
12 Mar 2007
WOW he really DOES get on the air.
First time I've ever heard him on the radio.

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