Welcome to the AM Radio Network !!!

     You have dialed an internet resource intended to leverage the popularity of acquiring, repairing, restoring and operating retired broadcast transmitters on the shortwave ham bands. 

     Research shows no other internet outlet specifically dedicated to the capture and conversion of all brands of vintage vacuum-tube transmitters from the Standard Broadcast Band to 160, 40 and 75 meters (and beyond). If you find such a page, please let us know!

     With that in mind, we invite your story-telling, photos and schematic descriptions of what it takes to give these rigs a new life entertaining an appreciative audience, much like it "used to be" when a family's home entertainment center was the big wooden floor console.

     The picture is of the "control console" of a 1964 Buick Electra 225, where an interesting number turned up on the odometer recently.

     The Chrome and Glass seen in the old car collecting hobby has a strong connection with the attraction of vintage broadcast transmitters, as you shall see in the pages ahead.


Story 1: "Chrome and Glass Shine Again"        

Story 2: "Raytheon Rescued"    

Story 3: "The CCA AM1000D of Bob, K4TAX" 


                                 Coming Attractions


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