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       My name is Joe Cro, and I live in Washington Crossing (near Philadelphia) Penna. I'm an avid collector/restorer/user of Vintage radio gear - both transmitters and receivers, both AM, and sideband equipment and their accessories.

I like to collect some of the more uncommon or esoteric gear as well as common gear made by Heathkit, E.F. Johnson, National, Hallicrafters etc. and others. I get a big thrill out of breathing life back into an old transmitter or receiver and actually using it on the air. I believe that no matter how great something looks on the shelf, it's even more beautiful if it works. Consequently, I'll be giving some reviews from my own personal experience and the expertise  of others.

I've been a licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 1984 and an avid SWL many years before that and currently own approx 250 different receivers, transmitters, and transceivers of all types. My friends jokingly refer to me as "Vortex Joe" (as coined by Steve - KD2NX) since anything within a 500 mile radius of my home location that has a vacuum tube in it usually winds up in my basement never to see the light of day again.

I operate primarily on AM (85 percent), SSB (10 percent) and CW and other digital modes (5 percent) and prefer to concentrate my efforts on the lower three bands but occasionally go up to 10 and 6 meters to join in the AM action there.

If you have any questions or requests please email me at: and I'll be happy to answer or accommodate your questions. I'd love to hear from people from all over - not just my particular region or country. The more varied input I can get the better the column.

Thank you for dropping by and "Mod-U-Later"!
                                                                             Joe Cro N3IBX


   TEMCO 150         

W3CIL            Transmitter