Globe King 400-C

Circa 1954
Globe King 400-c
 Globe King 400C:  transmitter; Ad:  SEP 53 QST; price $495.00
kit, $515.00 wired; 400 watts AM, 435 watts CW; 160 thru 10
meters; plug-in coils; RF Section: 7C5 crystal oscillator, 807
buffer, push-pull V-70D's final, pair VR150 voltage regulators.
Modulator:  6SJ7 speech amplifier, 6C5 amplifier, 6C5 amplifier,
6F6 driver, push-pull 5514 modulators, 5Y3 low voltage
rectifier, pair 866JR high voltage rectifiers; Power Supply:
5U4G low voltage rectifier, pair 866A high voltage rectifiers.
TVI shielding, severe cases may require additional TVI proofing
at slight additional cost.  Crated shipping weight 250 lbs.  WRL
continued to advertise the 400C long after the introduction of
the 500A (see NOV 55 QST ad).