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 Steve W8TOW


Hi all, been a while since we updated everyone, but
here is the scoop!
Up in Pigeon, MI, Mike N8ECR is busy working on his newly acquired
Gates 1KW for 75m & 160m. He just happened to pick up a 5KW BC transmitter
for parts, too. No need to run the furnace in his shack this winter!

Bob, W8MNQ (II) finished work on a old Cris Craft boat over the
summer, now perhaps he will finish work on the BC-610. Sure would like
to hear it.

On the opposite side of the state, K8ATV, Bob from St. Joseph just got
his T-368 back on the air. The bias trany shorted to the case, but with
a bit of insulating material, it was resolved.

Down state in Sturgis, Gary KI8BQ says as soon as he is done with the
outdoor projects, he will be back on the homebrew rig project. We can
hardly wait to hear it,

But speaking of HB rigs, at the opposite end of the state, Brian KB8IIC in
Traverse City is hard at work on the PP 250TH rig. I finished working on
his front pannels a few weeks ago so there is nothing stopping him now!

Further up north, Drummond Island is pretty quite. Tom, W8QYT is said to
have purchased some property out in Arizona...wonder if there is a BIG
signal to be out of that state soon?

Back down state, N8JRJ is now KJ8CQ...but still a booooomin signal out
of Lapier. Steve has been doing some home remodeling, just a bit

Over in Ohio, Roy, K8VWX is working on the homebrew. Nothing serious,
just moving the shack around and guess he is doing a bit of maintance.
He did acquire a new T-368, wonder where he is putting that?





Tom, NI8G, is doing well after the heart problem. We hear him as
a regular DX-60 Net check in every Sunday morning.

Welcome Mark, KA4JVY from Cleveland. He puts in a great signal with the
ART-13 and is working on restoring a very early WRL Globe Champ 150.

On to Wisconsin, I wanna thank Paul, W9MEH from Janesville for the
"care package" and nice visit. In late October, 9MEH made the journey
to East Lansing to visit his uncle. While here, he dropped by our remodeling
project with a bit of Wisconsin Brew! Hope you come over again soon!

And back in early June, Ron K5HZ and Julie, dropped by our house. We
had a great time sampling a bit of their wine. Ron tells me now
that he still hasn't found room for the SX101 he bought from me...ah,
the trials of the boatanchor collector.

And at the foot of Lake Michigan, Jim K9RJ was over for a visit too.
Got a bit of work to do for Jim...once our new ham shack is done.

As for here at the W8TOW QTH, well, got about a month and a half or two
before I can move into the new ham shack. Most of the upstairs is done. Just
some finish work, trim and painting left. But you can imagine how long
those little
details can take. Once the new room is finished, look for new pictures on
my website!

Til then, vri 73 steve w8tow




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