Collins 21E Adventure

  Paul Goodman K2ORC            


                     The Saga Begins

It is the boatanchor fan's dream: the rescue and
resurrection of an old broadcast transmitter.  For the
average BA fan, how often does the chance to own the
ultimate in old tube rigs come along? 

For Norm, WB2SYQ, one of the Endicott, New York Weasels and owner of an enviable collection of classic  radios, all in pristine, working condition, the opportunity presented itself between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2001.  Don, N2IVW, a boyhood friend of Norm's, who also happens to be Chief Operating Engineer of Owego, NY station WEBO-AM (and several other stations besides) advised that the station had a retired Collins 21e that was about to go to the scrap yard. 

The Collins had been on the air as recently as the
autumn of 2000, at which time it was putting out 500
watts (the 21e is capable of 5KW with 3 phase power).
But the station owner had decided to replace the
Collins with a newer Gates and the old transmitter had
been sitting idle since. 

After lengthy discussions with a couple of friends, a
detailed measurement of the Collins' cabinets, and a
lot of planning to see whether the old transmitter
could even be gotten into his house, Norm took the
plunge and bought the 21e.

In the weeks and months ahead, you will be sharing
with Norm what actually happens when a ham decides to
put a broadcast transmitter on the ham bands.  We will
try to present you with pictures and technical info
and perhaps try to answer a few questions along the

Special thanks to Gary, N2INR, of Syracuse, NY who
owns this website and who has already put a 21e on the
ham bands as he allows us to share with the amateur
radio community WB2SYQ's Collins 21e Adventure!

            Stay tuned for the second installment of the       
                           WB2SYQ Adventure

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