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More than 15 POSTS PER PAGE???

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January 27, 2022, 04:35:19 AM *
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Author Topic: More than 15 POSTS PER PAGE???  (Read 4301 times)
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Brrrr- it's cold in the shack! Fire up the BIG RIG

« on: August 22, 2005, 11:39:58 AM »

My last post with a request was ignored...
maybe this one will make a matching bookend?

Could we please increase the number of posts per screen page, or make it user selectable?

On a dialup you have to wait for all the "pretty stuff" to load each time, and regardless, I'd prefer to see 30-40 posts per page anyhow.

The other effect is that many people don't BOTHER to look at the second page, so many threads are dropped and lost prematurely!

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World Wide Radio

« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2005, 11:57:16 AM »

Hi Bear

No your last post was not ignored but we have not settled on everything yet and making changes on the fly is not in everyones best interest. I am sorry if I did not respond in the appropiate time frame but your request is on a list I am working on (there are others that use this site too Wink).  First priority is getting everyone able to access the site and use it. The rest will fall into place.

My main concern has been getting all the data off the old server and installed and back up and running on the new server in whatever spare time I have. It still looks like about another week or so before all is back to normal..

You are correct about the 15 posts per page. It is so all can download in a decent amount of time. It is 5 posts per page less than the last BBS. I have had several people complain about the page loading now and adding 15 more per page will not make things better. I have tried to make it so the pages will download in 10 seconds or less at 56. I have at leats 12 users still on 28.8.

Oh and if you don't bother to  go to the second page then you will miss posts. Huh


G - The INR

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Brrrr- it's cold in the shack! Fire up the BIG RIG

« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2005, 10:44:49 PM »

Right - it takes time to repeat the download of the *other stuff* that is not the post!

Suggest that when clicking to look at a thread, that the entire page w/frames and headers NOT be downloaded again! Just a stripped down version without all the "goto" buttons and images, icons etc!

Dunno if the software supports it or not, but a user preference that permits each user to chose the number of posts per page would be excellent! I know some other similar forums have this feature.

Sorry if I seemed impatient, but I made the "how I got started" sticky request over a year ago when the thread first arose... and since it didn't get done, or no one knew how to make that happen(?), I figured that it was time to bring it up again!

As far as people with download problems, and transfer of data from server to server, I had no idea what is/was up as far as that is concerned. Hard to tell from out here, not reading all the posts...

Regardless, Gary, this is a wonderful site, and it is very much appreciated. <---

         _-_-bear     W bear two GCR

_-_- bear WB2GCR                   http://www.bearlabs.com
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