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Audio Q..

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Author Topic: Audio Q..  (Read 3688 times)
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« on: April 21, 2005, 07:33:19 PM »

Good Day All,

 Something that has always peaked my interest in Eq'ing Audio is the Audio "Q" of a network, OK, So What is "Q"...

 As I understand it, in Audio, Q is the Energy Stored divided by the Energy Disipated per cycle in a network. As well, Q is also a measurement of bandwidth, Another Engineer's measurement of Q is to divide the center frequency of the filters response by the difference between the frequencies where the response is 1/2 of the center response...Awesum...

As well Q is a kind of measurement of Resonance...in that there is a peak of frequency at a filters resonant frequency in relation to Sound, and in Selectivity as the Q gets lower the resonance gets wider in frequency...

Do I have this Right...

So in Relation to "Notch" a high Q Notch is the reverse of a High Q peaking Filter being that it has a Blank or dull zone where there is little or no response to signal, so the higher the Q of a Notch filter the more the response is cut at the notch frequency and the narrower the band of frequencies that are cut, so a Low Q Notch..would cut a broader band of frequencies at a Lesser Amount....

There is Alot of information to digest in regards to this...
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