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Trans Atlantic 160 AM test results from Tum Tum

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Author Topic: Trans Atlantic 160 AM test results from Tum Tum  (Read 3529 times)
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« on: February 06, 2005, 01:34:28 AM »

I got on 1930 tonite with the Gates BC1G  and the R-388 and SP-600....TX antenna was a coax fed dipole at 60 ft.....Rx antenna various beverages...I didn't even detect any carriers on 1880 from Europe....I did however hear the following stations on 1930.
K1KW Chuck nr Boston 5-8
N3IBX Joe PA 5-5
K1JJ Tom CT 5-9
K2PG Phil 4-5
W2DTC Ken NJ 4-5
K4KYV Don TN 5-8
W9AD 5-5
F3JS Hiram- Paris

It was good to work you guys...I had a strong group on 1925 AM from Calif  and I had strong SSB sigs on 1880......so condx were not always optimum.......73,.....Steve
Paul, K2ORC
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« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2005, 09:10:15 AM »

Steve, you were 5 over S9 here during last night's testing.  Unfortunately, static crashes of 20 over made for tough copy.   Without the static it would have been no problem at all.   Great to hear coast to caost AM on 160, though.  I'm looking forward to the day I'm running more than 100 watts on 160 meters.

Paul, K2ORC

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« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2005, 09:43:40 AM »

Steve, I was hoping you could hear my paultry DX-100B out there but I figured the chances were remote. You started off right at the noise level around ~11:30 EST and by the time I had signed, you and Bob were copiable through the static crashes. Coincidently, I went down to 1.880 with my the ricebox and panadaptor to hear and see if I could detect anything remotely like a carrier. I heard a slight carrier twice between the gaps of the 'Good Ole' Boy' Net, but they were very faint.

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« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2005, 11:14:30 AM »

Thanks for the reports, Steve!

You were hearing quite well with your beverage for sure.  And, the 375W signal with your BC TX was making the trip.

I received some CCed info about the Euros and it appears several of us were heard in Europe last night....  I heard a tape of Chuck and a few words of Joe N3IBX.   The Euro attempts at 10W transmissions were not heard over here, however. [power limitations over there]

But, what impressed me the most was how well many of the east coast guys were hearing signals out to the west coast.  I think the years of coast-to-coast  75M work are paying off for many of the guys. It's a learned skill to pull out weak ones beyond what an average person can hear and it appears many are getting the edge honed.


Use an "AM Courtesy Filter" to limit transmit audio bandwidth  +-4.5 KHz, +-6.0 KHz or +-8.0 KHz when needed. 

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Vortex Joe - N3IBX

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« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2005, 12:05:26 PM »

        It was FANTASTIC hearing you last night. Due to your appearance on the band, we had "Trans-Continental" and "Trans-Atlantic" QSO's on 160 Metros. I was hoping that the Urine-Peeins would have heard you. That really would have been hi hi FBOM! You would have grown a "Third BA"!

Not only was it the first time I was heard "Across the Pond" on 160M AM, but the first "Trans-Continental" 160M AM QSO I had. You were also my first 75M AM West Coast QSO! The TX/RX here was a T-368-E/R-390A into a 260' flat-top at 55'.

Terry, W2PFY, Chuck, K1KW, Tom, K1JJ, and others were heard by Colin GD0VDL in Scotland.

All stations that were in attendance are as follows:

KB3JJW - Jim in Maryland
K2ORC - Paul in New York
K2WI/K2TOP - Rob in New Jersey
W3SLK - Mike(y) in Central Pa.
KD2XA - Chris in New York
K1JJ - Tom in Ct.
W1GHW - Gary in Ct.
K2PG - Phil in New Jersey
W2DTC - Ken in New Jersey
K1KW - Chuck in Mass.
KL7OF - Steve in Washington
W2PFY - Terry in New York
W7XS - Bob in Washington
K4KYV - Don in Tennessee
W9AD - Dave in Illinois
N3IBX - Joe in Pa.

I came on frequency (1930KC) at 9PM after a slopbucket QSO ended in order to establish a "Garrison" of AM'erz to keep the frequency open. I was joined by Paul, K2ORC and Mike(y), W3SLK to "hold the fort" so it wouldn't be occupied by anyone else. Rob, K2WI/K2TOP came on at a few minutes after 11PM and Jim, KB3JJW shortly thereafter as well as everyone else.

Interesting point about Jim, KB3JJW:
I was taking rollcall a few minutes before midnight EST, and he gave his call on ssb. I came back to him explaining we were on AM, and he changed modus operandii with his Icom 746 and amp, coming back to us on AM. He mentioned he NEVER used AM before, and inquired as to what we were doing on frequency using AM. We all told Jim what we were up to, and he hung in there with us for the entire duration.  Needless to say, he sounded elated and had a great time, and had many questions! He originally intended to call a few friends on sideband. I think he was impressed to say the least with his first AM experience, and think he'll be using the AM mode in his IC-746 more often since his experience last night.  What a trip for a JN AM'er!

I copied you S7/8 at first and then over 10 over 9 about an hour later as the band stretched out. Bob, W7XS was about S5 and unfortunately was obliterated by the prominent cratic stashes that were S15-20 at times. In spite of the QRN, I had a solid copy on you the whole time, only missing a word or two when the QRN was at it's pinnacle.

Many, many thanks again for taking to time to re-orient your beverage receiving antenna and joining in our tests. You made my night as well as many others that heard and were able to talk back to you!
                                                                                                    Henk, PE1MPH expressed a desire to try a "Trans-Atlantic" test on 75 and 40 metros in the not too distant future, as well as 160M tests again. I'll post the proposed time, freqs and dates here on the AMBBS when they become available.

What I'd like to try next is to TX and RX on the same frequency. According to PE1MPH, 1880KC is very active in Europe with sideband activity. If we were all "on the same page" I think it would increase everyones chances of having a real QSO, rather than just being heard, and possibly get more stations over the other side of the Atlantic involved.

Very Best Regards,
                           Joe Cro N3IBX

Joe Cro N3IBX

Anything that is Breadboarded,Black Crackle, or that squeals when you tune it gives me MAJOR WOOD!
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