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K0VPL - PE1MPH and more AM

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May 19, 2019, 04:58:20 AM *
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Author Topic: K0VPL - PE1MPH and more AM  (Read 2627 times)
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pe1mph AM from Holland

« on: March 06, 2015, 11:16:36 AM »

Hello AM Lovers,

Today I heard again AM on Ten.
Last day conditions were poor, but today fair to good.

After +/- 16.00 by us in the afternoon I heard these:
29040 & 29020 khz, K1IED, heard Larry, good signal max. S9+5

29030 khz, K0VPL, I had a QSO with this station, but weak, max. S4
I am not 100% sure If I have note his call correct....

29060 khz, AA??, heard Peter, talking about minus 22 degrees, max. S5

28990 khz, WB8KRY, heard him often calling cq, but he did not heard me, max. S8

I made a short recording from Larry, who had a good signal (S6) by me on the INDOORant.
So this recording is made with this (indoor) antenna and the Yaesu FRG 7000.

Thats all for today in AM on Ten,

Henk, pe1mph
Dokkum, The Netherlands

* K1IED 29040 khz AM 6 mrt 2015.mp3 (1237.96 KB - downloaded 204 times.)

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Posts: 727

pe1mph AM from Holland

« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2015, 01:02:06 PM »

Hi, hi....

I posted above info on this Forum and I thought: 'I must say hello to Larry'!
And later I worked these stations:

29020 khz, K1IED, Larry, nice qso and a big signal, max. S9+15!

Shortly I heard Dave, to go 20 khz up.

29040 khz, W2VW, Dave, kindly you did calling me, max. S9+5

29040 khz, AA3RE, Peter, I recognized your voice from 29060, max. S7

But after the qso with Peter the conditions were over....
Very weak I could hear a station on 28990 khz calling cq, but very weak.
So I go out my studio and listen shortly in our livingroom.
After 18.15 hour by us, still good signal FM Repeater New York on 29620 khz.
I heard IT & CT stations clearly on this repeater!
But after +/- 18.30 I could not hear the Repeater anymore.

Larry, Dave and Peter: thanks for the nice qso in AM.
Evenso I could hear you all three on my INDOORant.!
I used only 10 Watts and my antenna wire hanging outsite.....


Henk, pe1mph
Dokkum, The Netherlands
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