Original R-389/390 Final Engineering Report


Happy new year!  I was looking for some R-390A info for kicks and found a 106 page .pdf report called the Final Engineering Report by Collins' R&D Lab in 1953 for the Signal Corps.  It provides a rare and very educational opportunity to get the nitty-gritty of an HF receiver's engineering (53 years later).

The site I found is http://www.r-389.com
Collins R-389/URR VLF Receiver
by Don Reaves W5OR.  Perhaps the R-390 affectionatos already know of it.  The .pdf report was scanned in by Bill Hawkins and Al Tirevold WA0HQQ in March 1999.
The report is at http://www.r-389.com/engineeringreport.pdf
It is 1.8 megabytes.



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