The Score Project, launched in 1958

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Hi Walt,

I picked up a copy of Reflections 3 and have been reading it lately. I was at the Score Project chapter when you posted this so this thread ties in well. I'm happy you took the time to put your experiences in writing for us. Looking forward to reading about Telstar!



Thanks for sharing your great story Walt.   The background to the big stories is always interesting.    I've done radio systems integration and design for the military as a contractor so it all sounds familiar.   I guess things don't really change that much even in 50 years.

Best, Bill.

Once again, a fascinating story, Walt.  Certainly that period was the golden age of electronic engineering in the US - almost unlimited funding coupled with a national priority and sense of pride produced amazing results.

Great stories Walt

Thanks for sharing them.


Yow! Its stories like these that I really enjoy listening to you OT's, (and I mean that as a term of endearment), talk about. I remember reading in a series of books, (designed especially for us young whipper-snappers), that discussed these projects, (not as indepth). Little did I know at that time it would ignite my desire to get into electronics. Thanks Walt!


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