UTC S-40 Plate Transformer


Anybody have a terminal arrangement sheet for the UTC S-40 plate transformer? Terminals are all numbered. It's 525-425-0-425-525 HV @ 250 ma. . Tnx in advance.

Try ye olde 'Bunker of Doom' site.


That shouldn't be difficult to figure out, since you already know the transformer specs.  All you need is a multimeter or an ac voltmeter and ohmmeter, low voltage a.c. source (a small filament transformer will do fine), and a few clip leads.  Isolate the primary winding from the  secondary using the ohmmeter, and then apply low voltage from the filament transformer to the primary, and measure what you get at the secondary terminals with the ac voltmeter.  Or you could work it backwards, and apply the ac voltage to a couple of taps on the secondary and measure what you get at the rest of the taps on the secondary, and at the primary.  Since you already know all the specified pri:secondary voltage ratios, it should be a piece of cake to figure out which tap connects to what.

The sheet might be there, but I am short on terminal sheets. Unlike catalogs they didn't seem to survive well. short-sheeted!

1 -2 = 120VAC input/primary
3-4  = 5 Volt rectifier winding
5-6-7- 6.3 Volt 3 Amps with #6 CT
13-14-15 6.3 Volt 3 amp with #14 CT
8 & 9 525 secondary #10 CT
11-12 425 v secondary w/ #10 CT


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