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Todd, KA1KAQ:
Quote from: K1JJ on November 05, 2009, 01:27:30 PM

It's really a very smooth operation. Mr. Mike and the boys have some very good organizational skills. Everyone seems enthusiastic about their duties and EXPECTS things to go well. That's important. Loads of planning behind the scenes.

We realize that future 'fests depend on things going well and the Fairground committee being pleased with us. Those mof mus who enjoyed Deerfield in the past remember what it was like to no longer be there. We also give ownership to those attending, where it belongs. Without them, there's no reason to bother. The problems we've had since the first NEAR-Fest might total the number of problems seen at a single Hosstraders event. Norm and the boys had an awfully lot to keep track of.

AFAIK, there hasn't been a complaint about AMers, as a group, since the new mgt took over the reins. (That I've heard of)   Considering the constant "problems" in the distant past, this tells a story in itself.  Of course we're all older and a little calmer these days... ;D

It doesn't hurt that 1/3 of the NEAR-Fest team are solid AMers. As Paul pointed out referencing Tim's quote, the lunatics are invested now.  ;D

Quote from: Steve - WB3HUZ on November 05, 2009, 02:50:00 PM

I asked one of the locals why all the P&Ming about the cold. I've been lead to understand that New Englanders are a hardy bunch that laugh at the cold. I was told that's only in books.    ;D

As a 15th generation native to the area, I enjoyed winter and cold the best when I was inside with the radios and woodfire crackling, storm windows in place, basically hibernating for the duration. I do laugh down here when people say that 60 degrees is cold and 40 is frigid, or when there's a run on the stores if an inch of snow is predicted. But I really don't care for the cold. What makes New Englanders hardy is all the work we did to get ready for winter every year, and surviving it. And being down south just one year sure has made me soft.


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