GU-50 power amp

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I have a few odd regulator tubes from test gear. Some of these are filled with lets just say "rare" gasses and compunds that you would not want to come in contact with. Many unusual performance enhancements could be had through lacing these tubes with radio active trace elements. 

Mike WU2D

Mine contain argon, neon, helium. Innocent neutral gases.

The Slab Bacon:
       that regulator circuit looks like the one from ny 1963 arrl handbook, except that they used 807's for the cathode follower / pass regulators. I have a very similar circuit for the screen regulator in my 4X1 transmitter.

                                         The Slab bacon

I use one on a command transmitter where the VFO is drawing power. Add the final's screens and you really need more current than you can do with a raw VR tube. The interesting thing about the circuit is about anything can be made to work as a pass device as long as it has the current rating and you can parallel up tubes. It is lEEEENEEEAR however and they do get warm. But who goes around squeezing hot 6AQ5's anyway?

Mike WU2D


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