GU-50 power amp

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Quote from: W1GFH on May 16, 2007, 06:15:52 PM

GU-50 is an interesting toob. Can you tell me what this guy is doing?

Yeah! LS-50 was developed by Telefunken for Hitler. Russian engineers took it from enemy and made own version GU-50.
It is very linear ray pentode and excellent both for audio and radio.

The guy on your link builds linear amplifiers using GU-50 tubes.

On his page he is standing near his Uragan-1 gear that had not been finished because authorities thought the he can't use GU-43 tube that may give 2 KW of output power so it could be technically possible to break the rules despite the power tranny is up to 1 KW only!

Uragan-2 is an amp made of mobile military transceiver R-140

Cube is amplifier with GU-74 output

The rest is amplifiers with GU-50 outputs.

Polew 4GU50 - 150-200W output FM, 650W SSB

3GU50 "Hi-End" - up to 450W SSB

2GU50 - 250W peak SSB

Is it better?

Here is it with a mirror between hot toobs and transformers.

Chassis reminds me of a small block chevy.......from the '60s

Was it red?

It is Joe's idea about red color.  ;D


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