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Where has Wayne W2NSD been?

Since 73 ceased publication back in 2003, its almost like he dropped off the earth.
I used to get a kick out of his stories, comments and far out theories.
Is he alive, or just gone underground?
It does not appear that his website has been updated in a while.
I recall hearing him on Art Bell's show a few years back, but that was about it.

Interesting chap, wonder if he is still around?

73 Bruce W1UJR

Wayne can be seen weekly on his wacky ranting TV public access show as he discusses aliens and how they are mating with chickens and ordinary folks like you and me.

MCAM Public Access Channel 23 - His show is called Wise Up!!

We are so lucky to have this broadcasting resource of truth and all things weird in beautiful downtown Manchester NH... Mike

Wayne must really be getting up there in years!  I used to enjoy reading his rants in 73.....didn't agree with a lot of it, but his entrepreneurial spirit and his brain-storming about ways to earn money was kinda inspiring at times.  I remember one such article that gave suggestions for earning money for ham gear.  I enjoyed 73 magazine in the earlier days, but it became over-run with ads.  I also have always been an avid home-brewer and 73 was a good source for project ideas. 

I hope Wayne is alive and well!

73,  Jack, W9GT

Carl WA1KPD:
Just about 3 years ago I took a trip up to see the headwaters of the CT River- Having grown up near the mouth I always wondered what it was like. Went part way after work on Friday and had dinner in  a small NH restaurant.

I picked up a local NH free travel magazine and son of a gun the editorial  (and editor) was good old Wayne himself. As I recall it was light on the aliens and politicians since the concept was to advance tourism by humans , not pod people, to NH

He remains as humble as ever http://www.waynegreen.com/wayne/says.html#beenthere

Jim KF2SY:
Nice to know Wayne is still out there helping shape the publics image
of ham radio  ;)


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