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Title: Depressing background colors
Post by: W8EJO on August 20, 2005, 04:27:58 AM
I've finally put my finger on what I dislike about the "new" site.

It's the gray backround framed by black.

I really enjoy the content of the site but after a short while I find the black & gray depressing. 

How about some bright, cheerful colors for the background.


Title: Re: Depressing background colors
Post by: W2INR on August 20, 2005, 07:27:41 AM
HI Terry

 I am currently working on a new template  for the  forum. Should be out soon. So everyone can choose just like on the other site.

PS. The colors used on this are the least stressful to the eyes.  In fact a dark back ground with light lettering is the thing . HIgh contrast with low light is much better for your eyes than bright backgrounds with dark lettering.

The other problem is for most  having a good monitor and knowing how to set the monitor for Black and white with high contrast levels.

Hang in there . You may see the other template this weekend ;)
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