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Title: Hot & Pinched
Post by: K6JEK on July 08, 2005, 01:30:42 PM
I need to replace some wiring in my CE 100V.  These wires are prone to getting hot & pinched.  What's better vinyl or teflon insulation?

The details:  The wires from the fan (110 VAC) are routed between the power transformer and the edge of rectifier heat shield, two chrome plated steel plates with sharper-than-you'd like edges.  There is only about 1/8" clearance and can be less.  The transformer mounting tabs have slots that allow the clearance to be zero.   I discovered my fan wires had been sliced almost all the way through the insulation, in fact I can see copper.  I was nearing an exciting moment.

I moved the power transformer, giving a bit more clearance.  Next I'll replace the wires.  But with what?  Nifty teflon stuff I have, plain old vinyl, or something else?

Jon, Hot and Pinched in Silicon Valley

Title: Hot & Pinched
Post by: Terry N4RQ on July 08, 2005, 11:19:42 PM
I would go with the teflon, be careful stripping the wire, many years ago I rebuild the wiring in a Navy High power transmitter and we used a electric stripper that used a heating element so as not stress the insulation.

Title: Hot & Pinched
Post by: K6JEK on July 08, 2005, 11:39:02 PM
Teflon it is.  The local surplus place had some nice fire resistant mesh sleeving.  I intend to put that around the wires too.


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