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Title: Heathkit junkbox
Post by: VA3VJC on June 19, 2005, 08:23:29 PM
Well Gang looks like I'm starting over agn from scratch..Anyone remember where I left off.

Richard :?

Title: 10 meter FM
Post by: VA3VJC on June 19, 2005, 08:58:11 PM
I was here not too long ago and got good replys on modding a HW-100 for AM. Thoses who replyed, I thank U agn , I recorded most of them  :D .. Progress with other HW-100 is coming along slow, much to cleanup and Parts to buy because of sloppy construction by the builder

Now:  heres  My next inquirery.. is it possible to apply audio to  the Carrier Osc. to produce FM. for 10 meter.?????

Thankyou .....VA3VJC/Richard

Title: 6 meter convert- hw-100/101
Post by: VA3VJC on June 21, 2005, 12:08:45 PM
Before the end of the year I plan to aquire a few more "junkie" SB/HW-100/101's for parts and what not.What would the chances of doing one for 6 meter. Besides the 4 Custom Xtals, what would be the difficultie for the Grid/Plate driver coils and the the Finals.. Could FM be added by applying Audio to the unbalanced Carrier Osc.

73 .....Richard
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