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Title: WTB: Hallicrafters coils and tuning units
Post by: n5ama on April 08, 2024, 08:22:23 AM
I recently purchased a HT-9 that was without any of the coils and tuning units. The seller said the box with the coils and tuning units got separated from the transmitter and it doesn’t look like he will locate the box.

I would really like to find anything for the HT-9 but especially coils and tuning units for the 40m and 75m bands. If you have anything surplus to your needs, please email or message me what you have and how much you are asking.

I have located and purchased a 20m tuning unit which may give me some ideas about fabrication of these units but original stuff would be great. I should be able to make the tank coils using photos and ham supplied measurements of the inductors.

Any help greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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