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Title: Noise on MW and 80 (3885 khz)
Post by: pe1mph on April 07, 2024, 04:14:23 AM
Hello AM Lovers,
Last time I have a lot of NOISE and disturbing / electric noise, on mediumwave and shortwave, on my radio. >:(
Thats not good for my AM ears.....
I have tried already many things to get it away, but....
Last days I tried a Noise Killer (made by my friend Oene), but no improvement. :'(

Lucky for me, I have less (only sometimes a little) noise on 15 and Ten meters! :)

Therefore I listen a lot with Webreceivers, but..... ofcourse I like to hear stations on my own radio!!
Sometimes I have early in the morning less / fewer noise, then I can hear BC stations from the Usa on mw.
For example: VOCM 590, WINS 1010 and Bloomberg 1130.
But the Sun gets more 'power' and the days become longer, now Summertime in The Netherlands.
Hi, hi..... last week on a early morning I heard them on mediumwave, ofcourse not strong anymore....

Last night I awake very early and walk to our kitchen to get something to drink....
Then I go to our livingroom and listen to 3885 khz, time around 03.45 hour Summertime by us!
I falling nearly from the chair! I heard Chuck K1KW on 3885 khz talking, and he pressed all noise away by me!! ;D
But I could NOT hear any word from Don K4KYV....

Then I go to my studio, tuned my antenne 1:1 on 3885 khz and listen with my (old) TS 50 Kenwood.
Again to hear Chuck no problem for me, but no Don..... a pity, his signal to weak to came over the strong noise...
To many noise and disturbing noises!

Very nice to hear Chuck talking, he and Don can talk long.... hi, hi.... ;D

So thats all for now. :)


Henk / pe1mph
Dokkum / The Netherlands

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