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Title: AM DX from NH to the far West
Post by: steve_qix on February 27, 2024, 12:49:40 PM
I am located in Central New Hampshire, just for reference.....

Last night (2/27/2024) the French CW practice station on 3881 was peaking at 20dB over 9, which suggested very good conditions on 75 meters.... I had been listening around 3873, but saw a QSO on 3885 or therebouts..

Moved the Flex receiver to that frequency (3885), and it turned out to be Joe KA1BWO who now lives in ID, and WA7DOC from near to Portland, OR.  They were hanging in there (at my place in NH) at around 15 over - a good signal.  The noise level was approximately S8.

So, I broke in, and they heard me just fine.  Had a nice QSO before I finally needed to go to bed - this was at just after 12:30AM Eastern Standard Time.

Anyway, conditions won't be this good for much longer, so try to work some AM DX until the static starts to rise!
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