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Title: Report Saturn 6 halo vs vert whip
Post by: wa1mtz on December 04, 2023, 01:07:27 PM
this past october and november, I went out mobile and fixed on the usual wed nite 50.4 (19:30 H) local time. The results showed a 3 S unit+ on every station in every direction. XCVR used: Hallicrafters SR-46. In motion, on the vert was lots of dropouts, where on the halo, there were no complete dropouts. Even in places where I was in a 'hole' could still get out. The terrain went from 1,000 ft elev to 150' elev. stations were from 10 miles to 50 miles. Usually 6-7 stations in the roundtable. The 3 ring halo basically squeezes the pattern,thou it is not a large 1/2 wave in circumference. I have a trailer hitch on the car which the ant was mounted to,6' above the ground.This antenna is WELL WORTH the trouble to mount up. BTW, SR-46 is about 5 wts out! (locations were hartland,ct and granville,ma)
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