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Title: Vintage components tubes etc estate sale JUN 17-18 Irving Texas
Post by: Opcom on May 29, 2023, 05:40:14 PM
Dennis Brady W5FRS estate -

Dennis was a prolific experimenter and builder. This is a hoard that occupied 500 sq ft in the house and there are two outbuildings with floor to ceiling, that have been cleared enough to easily get in to look for stuff. Please see flyer, and it is online here:

This isn't mine, but I am helping the family because they don't know what most of this stuff is about. The questions I could answer are limited, please dont ask too much specifically. There is no modern ham gear, no 'collins' collectibles, but lots of vintage parts and hardware. See flyer please.

Title: Re: Vintage components tubes etc estate sale JUN 17-18 Irving Texas
Post by: Opcom on June 19, 2023, 04:32:51 PM
Wow this was a complete success! We had over 250 attendees. Ages mostly from early 20s to late 50s, and many with significant other. About a dozen attendees spent hours going through tubes and others digging in the backyard shed.

Both days saw people arriving an hour early. The longest distance anyone reported driving was about 100 miles.

The first day ran over time, as people just kept coming even as the heat and humidity became oppressive. The second day saw a good turnout but the heat got crazy by noon and murder by 1PM.

About 80% of the tubes and 75% of the other things were sold, leaving mostly odd voltage TV tubes, WWII and related, 1625s and related, and weird old pulse modulators and radar tubes that don't work well at under 10KV. The remaining tubes and other items were taken by a friend who helped us by removing just about everything else to his own collection. That took until after 3PM.

Because of the unusual nature of the sale, we didn't expect that much attendance but there are reasons for our success!

Builders, makers, tubes, and, old gear are not dead yet!
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