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Title: 5KW+ Bird Dummy Load--Like New
Post by: K0UM on May 05, 2023, 03:17:33 PM
Bird model 8922 50 Ohm Dummy Load--Termaline Coaxial Resistor, model 8922. Rated at 5 KW CONTINUOUS, or up to 54 KW for 1 second!

This unit was purchased new for a professional project and has less than 5 hours of total use. It was used at power levels up to 2 KW for short times. It is in like new condition--near perfect.

The 8922 model has a 1-5/8 inch flanged input connector. I have both the N type and the HN type (female) adapters available--both with the silver plated bullet. The HN type is desirable as it is the Bird 4240-260 which has the traditional Quick Connect connector (like on the Bird 43 wattmeters) so you can swap it out to a type N, UHF, etc every quickly and easily.

The Load is big and heavy and will be costly to ship. I can bring it to Dayton and you can pick it up there for $100--far less than shipping it!

I can't imagine any ham amp that could hurt this load-even your big Gates 5K AM rig! This thing is a powerhouse!

Contact me at

The 8922 NEW price is over $6500 and the adapters are around $500-600 each .

Bird 8922 5KW Load--$2200
Bird 4240-260 1-5/8 flange to HN connector (QC type): $200
Myat 201-059 1-5/8" to Type N female connector adapter: $200
Delivery to Dayton Hamvention: $100
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