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Title: Grounding anodized push-up mast
Post by: K6JEK on February 12, 2023, 01:19:57 PM
Do I need to ground an anodized, push-up aluminum mast? I canít figure out how.

Itís a Mastwerks 7 meter mast intended for portable operation. Iíd like to leave it up at home for an extended period. The sections are anodized which acts like a thin layer of insulation so the sections are insulated from each other. Scraping away a bit on the bottom section and connecting there would only ground that one section.

Should I just forget about it?  Other stuff is carefully bounded and grounded just like the book says.

Title: Re: Grounding anodized push-up mast
Post by: Opcom on February 16, 2023, 12:39:14 AM
That's pretty light stuff, maybe not good to go drilling into it or anything. Is the inside also anodized?

How about attaching a ground cable to the metal antenna mount up at the top, and hanging it down the mast or zip-tie it, all the way down to the ground stake at the bottom?

#6 welding cable is flexible and about $1.75/FT, but it has insulation sure to make a fiery stench when hit by lightning.

Where's all the cheap wire at?

Can't comment on the safety aspects but I'm thinking along the lines of, if it were a wooden or fibergalss mast.

Title: Re: Grounding anodized push-up mast
Post by: KD6VXI on February 16, 2023, 09:09:18 AM
I used a 40 foot Rohn push up pole for almost a decade.

I didn't worry about grounding it.

I was below the ground carrier wire on all the high volt lines around me.  My 10 meter ground plane was higher than the 4p foot pole (32 footish extended).

I figured it was probably the safest antenna at the house at the time.

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